Industrial Chic

Fancy furniture pieces with a bit of rough-hewn edge? Then this style might be for you! As the industrial style originates from big, cavernous buildings such as factories and warehouses, many of the industrial furniture pieces in our collection have properties that would remind you of such structures: stripped-back design, elements of wood, steel and concrete mixed together, and exposed bolts or nail studs. The factory-inspired details on our industrial pieces will give your home a rustic and mechanical aesthetic, reminiscent of a bygone era. But do not worry, these industrial pieces will not make your home feel unwelcoming or unapproachable, due to its additional appeal: this style is also about embracing the rawness – the designs are pared-back to the essentials with a lack of pretension, expressing that it is comfortable in its own skin, a message that resonates with many of us modern-day dwellers who seek to be ourselves for who we are. Therefore, on top of giving your house a cozy, vintage charm with the ambience of a chic residence, our industrial furniture pieces will too, deepen that special connection you have with your home.

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